Out of stock parts

Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETA
0144XL70 carbTBD
0188SL70 XR75 Rear shock5/30/18
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0269/0268Z50 Reproduction Shock Set - Will be replaced by:
1217(K3-77 Chrome)
1218(78-83 Black)
1219(87-99 White)
No eta
028052mm 88cc piston ringsTBD
0283Folding tip shifterTBD
0343KLX110 manual clutch kit5/1/18
0558Black '79-'87 Gas Tank6/1/18
0573Z50 +3" swingarm TBD
0687Z50R Seat, Red – AFT – 89-99 ModelsTBD
0688Z50R Seat, Blue - AFT- 89-99 Models TBD
0689Z50R Seat, Black – AFT – 89-99 ModelsTBD
071788+ 50cc gasket set TBD
0735z50 exhaust TBD
0809CT70 Front Fork bottom
0842Candy orange K3-78 Z50 tank6/15/18
0954/0597Z50 & CT70 Manual Clutch Kit - 68-87 Models05/28/18
1017 1988-99 Z50 rim set, BlackTBD
1043Tappet Adjuster Tool6/1/18
1109Z50/xr50/crf50 '79+ Break petal 5/30/18
1193CT70 front fenderTBD
1274JT 15T Front Sprocket5/15/18
1295JT Sprocket, Rear 34TTBD
129835T Rear JT sprocket 5/4/18
1315JT Chain, 420-86LTBD
9088KLX110 type OEM cover setReplaced email us for more info.
All FMF exhaustsTBD