Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETA
0038Z50 and CT70 StatorTBD
0039Z50 StatorTBD
0144XL70 carbTBD
021770cc gasket set6/1/19
0232Allen head bolt kitTBD
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0269/0268Z50 Reproduction Shock Set - Will be replaced by:
1217(K3-77 Chrome)
1218(78-83 Black)
1219(87-99 White)
1373 (blue 85-86)
1330 (Red 84)
0272Break shoe set6/1/19
0279ct70 brake petalDiscontinued.
0292CT70 Ignition coilTBD
0341Magnetic Drain BoltTBD
0355Petcockin stock
0392Headlight, CT70 and Z50In stock
0404HD auto clutch plates
0415Manual clutchTBD
0445KLX110 +1 shifter, Red6/1/19
0459DDecomp V2 HeadDiscontinued
0461KLX110 clutch side billet coverTBD
0480VM20, 24, 26, 28 main jet kitREPLACED BY TBW1353, now includes #140-185
0481Vm26 pilot jet kitReplaced by TBW1355
0549TBW0433 intake spacerTBD
0555Carbon Fiber CT70 exhaust6/1/19
0559White z50 tank5/31/19
0563KX/RM65 2 Stroke Top End Gasket KitDiscontinued
0567KX/RM65 2 Stroke PistonDiscontinued
0568KX85 pistonTBD
0579Swingarm protectorTBD
0583Stainless Z50 performance exhaust6/1/19
0586+1.5 z50 Swing arm7/1/19
062758mm, 120cc top end gasket set6/1/19
0669Black Billet clutch coverTBD
0687Z50R Seat, Red – AFT – 89-99 ModelsTBD
0688Z50R Seat, Blue - AFT- 89-99 ModelsTBD
0689Z50R Seat, Black – AFT – 89-99 ModelsTBD
070686L chain6/1/19
0709120L chain6/1/19
0750V2 honda 50 and 70 cylinder head7/1/19
0754Honda V2 Cylinder Head CoversTBD
0771Red KLX style billet covers6/1/19
0791KLX110 extended Front break cable5/29/19
0805Z50 Chrome Rim Set6/1/19
0809CT70 Front Fork bottom
0816143cc full gasket setTBD
0839K1-78 Z50 Forks6/1/19
0871Z50 Primer Tank6/1/19
0887Honda style V2 head valve kit7/30/19
0895K3-78 Z50 barsTBD
0898Break RodTBD
0986143cc bore kit5/29/19
0987143cc bore kit5/29/19
0988143cc bore kit5/29/19
101688+ Z50 wheel, silver6/1/19
1032Grom 186cc pistonIn Stock
1054KLX HD Fork SetTBD
1057CT70 Heavy Duty rear shock, RedTBD
1060CT70 Heavy Duty rear shock, ChromeTBD
1063Candy Gold Side cover6/1/19
1065Gold Headlight Bucket6/1/19
1082Kick Start6/1/19
109388-99 Z50 Exhaust8/1/19
110649cc marked 52mm(88cc) cylinderDiscontinued.
1112white z50r rear cowl6/15/19
1118Yx140 Cylinder HeadDiscontinued.
1126Black Handle bars6/15/19
1129KLX110 air filter6/1/19
1145Black 280mm Shock set6/1/19
1182Silver Temp Dipstick for 50/70sTBD
1193CT70 Front FenderTBD
1201KLX110 DNM shock6/1/19
1202KLX110 350LB shock6/1/19
1203Rear Shock, DNM - KLX110L 10 - current - 275mm/250lb Light Adult6/1/19
1204KLX110L .50lb DNM shock.
1205CRF110 250LB DNM rear shock6/1/19
1206CRF110 350lb DNM shockTBD
1212CRF110 Black shifter6/1/19
1234Yellow Number Plate6/1/19
1238z50 style Black Top Clamp6/1/19
1240z50 style Silver top clamp6/1/19
1251Z50 rimsDiscontinued
127213T 50/yo sprocket6/10/19
1349CT70 chrome rim setTBD
1362Honda +1" break pedalTBD
1375CRF100 shock6/1/19
1381KLX110 02-09 billet ignition cover, Black.TBD
9019143cc bore kit5/29/19
9024143cc bore kit5/29/19
9074143cc bore kit5/29/19
9074143cc bore kit5/29/19
9087120cc bore kit
(gasket set out of stock)
9097KX/RM65 2 Stroke top end kitDiscontinued
9098KX85 top end kitTBD
9102Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9103Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9104 Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9105Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9106 Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9108Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9109Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9110Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9111Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9111CT70H, SL70, and XL70. Also for
81 & up ATC70 and 3 speed 80-81 CT70. V2 stroker kit
9112Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9113Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9114Honda 50/70 V2 head kit7/1/19
9114CT70H, SL70, and XL70. Also for
81 & up ATC70 and 3 speed 80-81 CT70. V2 stroker kit
9115Kit that contains TBW07507/1/19
9117Kit that contains TBW07507/1/19
9118Kit that contains TBW07507/1/19
9119Kit that contains TBW07507/1/19
9120Kit that contains TBW07507/1/19
9120CT70H, SL70, and XL70. Also for
81 & up ATC70 and 3 speed 80-81 CT70. V2 stroker kit
9121Kit that contains TBW007507/1/19
9122Kit that contains TBW07507/1/19
9123CT70H, SL70, and XL70. Also for
81 & up ATC70 and 3 speed 80-81 CT70. V2 stroker kit
9150Grom 186cc Bore kitIn stock
9152Gold Headlight Bucket6/1/19
9153Grom oil cooler kitTBD
9154Grom oil cooler kit out of stockTBD
9166143cc bore kit5/29/19
9168Z50r white plastics kitTBD
9175143cc bore kit5/29/19
9183Grom oil cooler kit out of stockTBD
All FMF exhaustsTBD