Gas Tank – Z50 K3-78, Candy Yellow

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Z50 K3-78 Aftermarket Reproduction Gas Tank – Candy Yellow.  These are very nice gas tanks and look just like originals.   If you are looking for show quality paint or doing a top restoration, then OEM/New Old Stock Tanks (if can be found) are recommended.  On these, there might be a slight imperfection or two in the paint like a scuff or nick etc.  However, you can’t beat the price for a painted tank, gas cap, and petcock, especially since the tanks are no longer available from Honda.  If you plan on riding your Z50, these tanks a perfect and nobody but the serious Z50 collectors will notice its an aftermarket tank.

This batch of Candy tanks is a non-OEM color.  They look great, just not a color Honda used on the Z50 (was used on the CT70 and other bikes of that era).   Thus, we moved to the clearance section and reduced price.




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