Article originally appeared in MiniMoto Magazine Issue 1 2004 photos by Carl Stone

During the 2003 AMA/Chevy Trucks National Motocross Championship, a phenomenon was set in motion. The MPN Mini Nationals pitted industry personalities against one another in three classes – 50cc, Mid-Size and Clutch – and they took place usually on either Friday or Saturday before eight of the Nationals and the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships. All you needed to compete was a bike that fit into one of the classes and a driver’s license that said you were over 18.

MPN Mini Nationals Revisited

Besides all of the tight racing, maybe the coolest part of the minis was the spectators. You see, although some of the riders were former champs, the names on the sidelines frequently read like a who’s who of motocross racing: Chad Reed, Ryan Hughes, Ernesto Fonseca, Grant Langston, etc. With so many of the riders now staying at the track all weekend in their custom buses, they found that watching some mini-racing was a fun (and funny) way to pass the time – although it definitely added to the embarrassment when one of these high-caliber riders commented on your ridiculous crash during the race.

At Loretta’s, James Stewart decided to come out and race his trick KLX110 – and promptly smoked everyone. No one decided to protest him for not being an adult until too long after the race was over. When MiniMoto questioned event organizer Rob Buydos about, he claimed Bubba had a fake ID.

Yeah, right.

Well, Bubba turns 18 in December, so he’ll be perfectly legal any time he feels like racing this year. Anyway, here are some photos from the 2003 season and the “Official” results for the 50s, Midsize and Clutch classes.

MPN Mini-Bike National Points Standings

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1Guy Cooper881Rob Buydos1501Jay Mitrowitz90
2Kevin Harshman602Tom Carson1002Craig Andredas70
3Joel Murphy563Steve Dye703Sam Martucci68
4Freddie Timberlake544John Kuzo484Jeff Stanton40
5Mike Farber505Steve Bruhn395Todd Hicks38
6Ken Johnson386Jeff Stanton366Trent Bartolotti34
7Greg Crater287Billy Farmer317Steve Dye34
8Jeff Frick268Denny Stephenson288James Stewart, Jr.20
9David Jones249Jay Hershey289Brian Crowe20
10Chris Reisenberg2210Travis Wicks2410Ron Rothkranz18
11Jarred Hanebrink2011Jeremy Riesenberg2111Judson Linder18
12Duane Evans2012Todd Mitchell2012Bill Ursic18
13Brent Mamoni2013Gary Keagle2013Rick Pence16
14Alex Ewing1814Gary Semics2014Jim Jarrett16
15Nelson Marsh1815Joel Albrecht1815P.J. Dylewski16
16Mark Klien1816Jason Stevens1816Denny Stephenson16
17Dan Krick1817Michael Habe1817Tony Whaley16
18Randy Lawrence1618Alex Ewing1818Duane Fisher14
19Ian Runyun1619Kevin Gnapp1619Brandon Mueller12
20Fish1620Cameron Brown1620Mike Payne12
21Mark Wundrack1621Jeff Freck1621Ken Burton10
22Steve Brewer1622Mike Boggia1622Dick Burleson10
23Andrew Trousdale1623Trevor Vines1423Tony Wenck10
24Dave Guans1624Tim “Korky” Tyler1424Bobby Wagner8
25Tallon Vohland1425Kevin Glenn1425T.J. Markowitz8
26Randy Richardson1426Jeff Canfield1226Tim “Korky” Tyler8
27Steve Wheeler1427Adam Walters1227Trevor Houck8
28Mike Ruffner1428Shelly Harens1228Matt Davis6
29Andy Donahue1029Tim Olson1229Mike Kozma6
30Steve Cox1030Robert Marley1230Pablo Torebio4
31Jay Currier1031Fish1131T.J. Hieatt2
32Jordan Baldrige1032Terry Beal1032Rupuert X1
33Shane Gould933Steve Bauer9
34Ron Bush834Luke “Yamaha”8
35Mike Kim735Mike Farber8
36Andre Ahrens636Jason L8
37Brian Pryor637Donny Weatherbolt6
38Jason Weigandt538Junior6
39Ryan Picard239Bryan Lepley6
40Damon Conkright240Doc Bodnar1
41Matt Walker141Dave Langram1
42John Feket142Buel Sears1
43Matt Miller1
44G.W. Hall1