Honda CRF50 Parts

The bike that started the craze nearly 2 decades ago is still one of the most sought after bike in the industry! Here is a little history on the Honda CRF50 and a guide on how you can sort your CRF50 issues. Offering one of the most reliable four-stroke engines with a 3 speed transmission and automatic clutch, makes the CRF50 a great starter bike for younger children. The automatic clutch really shines as it allows your child to learn the importance of shifting up and down without having to focus on the clutch. The adjustable throttle limiter allows for increased safety and keep you in control.

2020 Honda


Price $1,549
Engine Air-cooled SOHC single-cylinder
Displacement 49cc
Bore x Stroke 39.0 x 41.4mm
Horsepower N/A
Torque N/A
Transmission 3-speed w/ automatic clutch
Final Drive Chain
Seat Height 21.6 in.
Rake 25.0°
Trail 1.3 in.
Front Suspension Inverted telescopic fork; 3.5-in. travel
Rear Suspension Single shock; 2.8-in. travel
Front Tire 2.50-10
Rear Tire 2.50-10
Wheelbase 36.0 in.
Fuel Capacity 0.7 gal.
Claimed Wet Weight 110 lb.

A closer look

at the Honda crf50

No Electric Start?

The lack of electric start is something that would call more of a gripe than an issue. By adding an electric start it would increase the fun factor by allowing quick “get up and go” situations. While adding something like an electric start to the CRF50 would most likely increase the price from the very reasonable $1499, we feel it would be a great addition to the almost perfect bike.

Very cold-blooded

Most seasoned riders are already aware of the “cold bloodiness” of these mini bikes and the CRF50 is definitely one of them. This is why we feel an electric start would be so great as it would eliminate the common issue with younger riders trying to cold start this bike. Just a little bit of warming up with the bike and any child big enough to ride the bike will be able to start with ease.

Common Problems

Over the years, various issues have surfaced with the CRF50. Issues generally relate to the carburetor, air filters, ignition coils, and spark plugs. These are vital parts of any minibike and should be fully and efficiently functional to achieve better performance.

Our Honda CRF50 Parts and Accessories

No matter the bike model or year, you will always be on the lookout for replacement OEM parts or performance upgrades! We have 100’s of parts stacked for every model and offer the highest quality in the industry! Below is a list of common parts for the CRF50 that will get your back on the track in no time! Also be sure to check out our shop home page and discover 1000’s of parts for over 25 categories.

26mm Performance Carb Kit - Mikuni VM26 - Smaller Heads

cr50 Carburetor

Many riders have a tough time cleaning the carb of the CRF50. This is because the pre-installed carb comes with a pilot circuit and the main jet, both of which cannot be removed. Thus, cleaning the carb can be a troublesome task. Our CRF50 parts section offers many replacement carburetor kits that will get you back on the track. We suggest a 26MM Mikuni carb kit to handle any future issues you may encounter.

crf50 Main Jet Kit

One of the most common issues we see with the CRF50 would have to be clogged jets. The engine revs for a while but then just bogs down, or you give it full throttle and it chokes it self. This can be an indication of the main jet being plugged. To rectify the problem we suggest a replacement main jet kit sold in our store.

crf50 Big Bore Kit

Once your little one has put in the ride hours and has gained enough confidence, you may want to setup the power on the bike. What better way to increase the power but with a CRF50 Big Bore Kit! This will  transform the 50cc bike into something that will truly rip! Increase speed and power will be dramatic so be sure to use caution. You may even be tempted to jump on the bike and give a spin as well. Don’t worry that is normal.

We have all the high quality parts for your Honda CRF50

As much as we understand the importance of parts in a minibike, we also understand the need for those parts to be authentic and original. Purchasing them from a third-party vendor on eBay  provides you with no assurance of their performance. When making a purchase from TBparts you will have full confidence in the authenticity and quality of the parts that you are ordering! 

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