Recently crowned 125cc Western Region Supercross Champion, Ivan Tedesco, is just as serious about his pit bike as Mitch Payton is about Tedesco’s race bike. Not only does Tedesco’s KLX110 took as trick as his Pro Circuit/Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki KX125, but take our word… it gets up and runs.










Works Showa fork caps are machined aluminum for extreme light weight. Blue anodized caps for maximum durability.

Air release screw allows for easy equalization of air pressure in the fork tubes, which offers better fork action and overall performance.

KX60 forks with heavy fork springs and travel control valve modification were added for extra travel and push action. Tubes were also hard anodized for extended oil life and cool factory look.

The Pro Circuit motor provides increased power and throttle response. The cylinder head is stripped and cleaned, and then ported to PC specifications.

The pro Circuit 135cc piston increase the compression and is one of the only engine modifications that increases both low-end torque and top end power. The Pro Circuit camshaft profiles are designed using the latest computerized valve train and modeling techniques to maximize horsepower and torque. Ground to exact specifications using CNC cam grinding machines and are subjected to hours of performance and durability testing. The Pro Circuit cam passes stringent quality control standards that exceed OE requirements.


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