Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETA
0038Z50 and CT70 StatorTBD
0144sl70 carb10/13/19
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0269/0268Z50 Reproduction Shock Set - Will be replaced by:
1217(K3-77 Chrome)
1218(78-83 Black)
1219(87-99 White)
1373 (blue 85-86)
1330 (Red 84)
0279ct70 brake petalDiscontinued.
02934 speed shift drum for KLXTBD
0296ignition coilTBD
0341Magnetic drain plug10/7/19
0378Kawasaki Style 60mm 143cc cylinderTBD
0459DDecomp V2 HeadDiscontinued
0480VM20, 24, 26, 28 main jet kitREPLACED BY TBW1353, now includes #140-185
0481Vm26 pilot jet kitReplaced by TBW1355
0532YX140 style clutch plates9/17/19
0563KX/RM65 2 Stroke Top End Gasket KitDiscontinued
0567KX/RM65 2 Stroke PistonDiscontinued
0569RM85 pistonTBD
0579Swingarm protector
Replaced by tbw1395

Replaced by tbw1395 in stock
0586+1.5 z50 Swing arm10/1/19
0647Air filterin stock
0658CT70 headlightin stock
0669Black Billet clutch coverTBD
0687Z50R Seat, Red – AFT – 89-99 ModelsTBD
0688Z50R Seat, Blue - AFT- 89-99 ModelsTBD
0689Z50R Seat, Black – AFT – 89-99 Models10/7/19
0754Honda V2 Cylinder Head CoversReplaced by TBW1441
0789TRX90 54mm pistonReplaced by TBW0788 (not tested with stock head)
0809CT70 Front Fork bottom
0832k3-78 z50 ignition coilTBD
0858lightened primary gear, KLX110 and Z125TBD
0882Red side coverTBD
0895K3-78 Z50 barsTBD
0896White z50 wheelsTBD
0898Break Rodreplaced by TBW1392 or TBW1393
092588cc bore kit11/1/19
092888cc bore kit11/1/19
092988cc bore kit11/1/19
093088cc bore kit11/1/19
093188cc bore kit11/1/19
093288cc bore kit11/1/19
093388cc bore kit11/1/19
093688cc bore kit11/1/19
093988cc bore kit11/1/19
094088cc bore kit11/1/19
0968108cc bore kit11/1/19
0986143cc bore kitTBD
0987143cc bore kitTBD
0988143cc bore kitTBD
1017Z50 Black RimTBD
1026CRF110 shifter9/17/19
1050Grom Camin Stock
1050Grom Camshaftin stock
1054KLX HD Fork Set10/1/19
1057CT70 Heavy Duty rear shock, RedTBD
1060CT70 Heavy Duty rear shock, ChromeTBD
1063Candy Gold Side coverTBD
1064z50 fork lowersTBD
1070CT70 tank
1071CT70 Carb rebuild kitTBD
1080z50 fork setTBD
1096z50 klx style forks10/1/19
11024.5mm fuel line10/7/19
11035.5mm fuel line10/7/19
110649cc marked 52mm(88cc) cylinderDiscontinued.
1107Z50 carbTBD
1112White z50r rear plastic9/30/19
1118Yx140 Cylinder HeadDiscontinued.
1123Black Billet 1/4 turn throttlein stock
1147Black 330mm rear shocksTBD
1165black lever setTBD
1182Silver Temp Dipstick for 50/70sTBD
119050/70 rear shockTBD
1202KLX110 350lb DNM shockTBD
1205CRF110 250LB shockTBD
1206CRF110 350lb shockTBD
1209Black KLX110 shifterTBD
1251Z50 rimsDiscontinued
1349CT70 chrome rim setTBD
1362Honda +1" break pedalTBD
9024143cc bore kitTBD
9073Oil cooler kitDiscontinued
replaced by 1370
9076143cc bore kitTBD
9077143cc bore kitTBD
9089TRX90 bore kitTBD
9092108cc bore kit11/1/19
9093108cc bore kit11/1/19
9094108cc bore kit11/1/19
9095108cc bore kit11/1/19
9096114cc bore kitTBD
9097KX/RM65 2 Stroke top end kitDiscontinued
9099RM85 top end kitTBD
910588cc bore kit11/1/19
9109108cc bore kit11/1/19
9110108cc bore kit11/1/19
9111108cc bore kit11/1/19
9115108cc bore kit11/1/19
9118108cc bore kit11/1/19
9119108cc bore kit11/1/19
9120108cc bore kit11/1/19
9151z50 fork kitTBD
9155Z50 Carb KitTBD
9156Z50 carb kitTBD
915888cc bore kit11/1/19
915988cc bore kit11/1/19
9166143cc bore kitTBD
9168White z50r plastic kit9/30/19
9171Black Billet 1/4 turn throttlein stock
9175143cc bore kitTBD
9183Kit with Grom Camin stock
All FMF exhaustsTBD