Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETADate last updated
102026mm rotating intake spacerReplaced by TBW14877/30/20
9149Kit with TBW1020replaced by TBW14877/30/20
0159K1-2 Z50 harnessin stock 7/30/20
0176rectifierin stock7/30/20
232allen head bolt kitin stock 7/30/20
0285Lever setin stock 7/30/20
0360RH, gasket. KLXin stock 7/30/20
0385Honda Race headin stock 7/30/20
0394CT70 DIMMER SWITCHin stock 7/30/20
0424Head and Base gasket 57.5mmin stock 7/30/20
0455KLX110 oil seal kitin stock7/30/20
0473Roller cam, V2 headin stock 7/30/20
049028mm Cabin stock 7/30/20
0556intake manifoldin stock 7/30/20
0557Red Z50 tankin stock 7/30/20
0651Z50 Seatin stock 7/30/20
0658Headlightin stock 7/30/20
0673Black Tappet covers, honda 50/70in stock 7/30/20
0696Front fender Z50 K1in stock 7/30/20
0697z50 K1 rear fenderin stock 7/30/20
0700KLX110 stroker crank 2010+in stock 7/30/20
070476L chainin stock7/30/20
0749klx stock length shifter, red tipin stock 7/30/20
081660mm full gasket/seal kit. klx110in stock 7/30/20
0838chrome headlight bucketin stock 7/30/20
0839Z50 K1-78 Fork setin stock 7/30/20
0858lightened primary gear. KLX110 and Z125in stock 7/30/20
0868Fork Boot Setin stock 7/30/20
0880yellow z50 side coverin stock 7/30/20
0883Candy Red Side Coverin stock 7/30/20
0884Candy Blue z50 side coverin stock 7/30/20
0885white z50 side coverin stock 7/30/20
0896White z50 wheels in stock 7/30/20
092588cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
092888cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
092988cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
093088cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
093188cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
093288cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
093388cc bore kitin stock 7/30/20
0934Kit With TBW0385in stock 7/30/20
0936Kit with 0385 Honda Race Headin stock 7/30/20
0939Kit with 0385 Honda Race Headin stock 7/30/20
0940Kit with 0385 Honda Race Headin stock 7/30/20
100767mm gasket setin stock 7/30/20
1010Cam Chain in stock 7/30/20
1013Clutch nut toolin stock 7/30/20
1017black z50 wheelsin stock 7/30/20
1026CRF110 shifterin stock 7/30/20
103179-87 z50 statorin stock 7/30/20
1050Grom/Monkey Camin stock
1052Air Filter for 20mm Carb - 35mmin stock 7/30/20
1084CRF/XR100 shifterin stock 7/30/20
1099z50 front white fenderin stock 7/30/20
1105klx110 fork seal setin stock 7/30/20
1123Black 1/4 turn throttlein stock 7/30/20
1133XR/CRF shifterin stock 7/30/20
1140KLX air box delete bracket in stock 7/30/20
1161Handlebar - z50r 80-87 , Black.in stock 7/30/20
1162Steering stem kitin stock 7/30/20
1185CT70/z50 hardware kitin stock 7/30/20
1186Black gripsin stock 7/30/20
1187Red grip setin stock 7/30/20
1210Black tip Honda 50/70 +1" shifterin stock 7/30/20
1211Shifterin stock 7/30/20
1212CRF110 shifter, black tipin stock 7/30/20
1240silver top clampin stock 7/30/20
125064mm cylinderin stock 7/30/20
126915T front sprocket, Gromin stock 7/30/20
1367Z125 Oil cooler kitin stock7/30/20
1438Green tip Z125 shifterin stock 7/30/20
1442Red Billet dress up kit - KLX110in stock 7/30/20
1443Black KLX style billet coversin stock 7/30/20
9005Kit with 0385 Honda Race Headin stock 7/30/20
9017v2 head and cam
tbw0473 out of stock
tbw0577 in stock
in stock 7/30/20
9040Kit with TBW1250in stock 7/30/20
9041Kit with TBW1250in stock 7/30/20
9042Kit with TBW1250in stock 7/30/20
9060Kit with TBW0556in stock 7/30/20
9092Kit with 0385 Honda Race Headin stock 7/30/20
9093Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9105Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9109Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9110Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9111Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9112Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9154Oil Cooler kitin stock 7/30/20
9158Kit with 0385/0156 Honda Race Headin stock 7/30/20
9159Kit with TBW0156in stock 7/30/20
9168kit with 1099in stock 7/30/20
9170kit with 1099in stock 7/30/20
9182KLX110 stroker crank kit for 20-09in stock 7/30/20
9183Kit with TBW9153in stock 7/30/20
0561z50 seat10/1/207/30/20
1081Black honda 50/70 kicker10/1/207/30/20
1374CRF100 shock 550LB10/1/207/30/20
0412KLX110 oil filter9/1/207/30/20
042060mm ring set9/1/207/30/20
0461Black Billet cover for KLX110 Clutch9/1/207/30/20
0768extended throttle cable9/1/207/30/20
0784chain roller9/1/207/30/20
0805Chrome Z50 rim set9/1/207/30/20
0837VM28 needle9/1/207/30/20
84954mm Ring set9/1/207/30/20
1012Flywheel puller9/1/207/30/20
1016Silver z50 rim set9/1/207/30/20
1053Z50 silver rim set9/1/207/30/20
1067Honda 50/70 shifter9/1/207/30/20
1143CT70 wheels9/1/207/30/20
1196z50 chain guard 9/1/207/30/20
1215Black BMX bars9/1/207/30/20
126713T klx sprocket9/1/207/30/20
1268JT Sprocket, Front 14T9/1/207/30/20
127112t sprocket9/1/207/30/20
129835T rear sprocket9/1/207/30/20
130935T rear KLX sprocket 9/1/207/30/20
131837T KLX110 rear sprocket9/1/207/30/20
1328Clutch Lever19/1/207/30/20
1364330mm DNM shock set, red.
For z50 and Monkey125
9155Kit with 11109/1/207/30/20
9156kit with 11109/1/207/30/20
9174chrome headlight kit9/1/207/30/20
0216Z50 gasket set9/1/207/30/20
9075Z50 Triple clamp kit8/5/207/30/20
0626Piston 58mm 120cc8/4/207/30/20
9087120cc Bore kit8/4/207/30/20
9175Kit with tbw04738/1/207/30/20
1194Rear CT70 fender9/15/207/29/20
126313T sprocket9/15/207/29/20
1107Honda 50 Carb9/1/207/29/20
1120KLX110 Output shaft8/15/207/29/20
9151Z50 Fork Kit8/5/207/29/20
0967Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0968Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0975Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0976Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0987Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0988Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0990Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0991Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
0992Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9013Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9024Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9061Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9062Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9069Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9070Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9094Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9095Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9096Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9115Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9117Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9118Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9119Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9120Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9121Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9122Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9123Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9128Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9129Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9139Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9140Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9146Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9160Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9166Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
9191Kit with VM268/10/207/28/20
1353VM26 Main Jet Kit9/1/207/27/20
131037T Rear KLX sprocket9/1/207/24/20
0341magnetic drain bolt9/1/207/23/20
1476Daytoan 4 Valve upgrade kit9/5/207/22/20
0426Honda 50/70 style +1 shifter9/1/207/22/20
1238Black Z50 Top Clamp8/5//207/22/20
0836VM26 Needle 9/1/207/21/20
1173XR70 gasket kitTBD7/20/20
1354Large Main Jet kit9/1/207/20/20
1366TBW0343 pushrod9/1/207/17/20
1054KLX110 HD Fork Set10/1/207/16/20
0791KLX110 cable 9/1/207/16/20
1153Number Plate mount kit9/1/207/16/20
0407Heat Stop9/1/207/14/20
0865CRF110 Flange mount intake kit9/1/207/13/20
1206290mm 350lb DNMshock9/1/207/13/20
9142Kit with TBW08659/1/207/13/20
0971HD auto clutch 18/679/1/207/10/20
0671Black billet dipstick9/1/207/9/20
075867mm piston9/1/207/9/20
0819HD auto clutch 18/679/1/207/9/20
0882Red z50 side cover9/1/207/9/20
1242Hard Tail Exhaust, stainless9/1/207/8/20
902964mm bore kit9/1/207/7/20
903164mm bore kit9/1/207/7/20
903664mm bore kit9/1/207/7/20
917764mm bore kit9/1/207/7/20
0039Z50 stator 9/1/207/6/20
0560Chrome tank9/1/207/3/20
1181Black Oil Temp Gauge9/1/207/3/20
1466CRF50/70 rear shock9/1/207/3/20
0845Red Z50 k3-78 style tank9/1/207/1/20
052364mm KLX cylinderReplaced by TBW12506/30/20
0555Carbon Fiber CT70 Exhaust 9/1/206/30/20
1362+1 Break Pedal Honda 50/709/1/206/29/20
108079-99 fork set8/15/206/29/20
1035KLX110/Z125 clutch plate kit9/1/206/25/20
1109Honda 50/70cc break pedal9/1/206/24/20
0916Shock set9/1/206/23/20
1197Black Chain guard9/1/206/17/20
1198Right lever9/1/206/17/20
9181Lever Set9/1/206/17/20
1204KLX110 Rear shockTBD6/16/20
11657/8" Lever set, black9/1/206/16/20
0891CRF110 132cc cylinder9/1/206/15/20
1201KLX110 DNM 250LB rear shock9/1/206/15/20
1202KLX110 DNM 350LB rear shock9/1/206/15/20
1205CRF110 250LB shock9/1/206/15/20
9138Kit with TBW08919/1/206/15/20
9139Kit with TBW08919/1/206/15/20
9141Kit with TBW08919/1/206/15/20
0652KTM65 top end gasket kitDiscontinued6/10/20
1203KLX110L ShockDiscontinued6/9/20
9101KTM65 top end kitDiscontinued6/9/20
1071CT70 Carb rebuild kit12/31/206/9/20
089767mm Cylinder9/1/206/8/20
9144Kit with TBW08979/1/206/8/20
9145Kit with TBW08979/1/206/8/20
9178Kit with TBW08979/1/206/8/20
0540YX160 gasket setDISCONTINUED5/25/20
0844White z50 tank9/1/205/21/20
9074143cc kitDiscontinued5/19/20
0726Seat Cover Discontinued5/15/20
0842Candy Orange tankDiscontinued4/24/20
0871z50 k3-78 primer tankDiscontinued4/24/20
0881candy orange side coverDiscontinued 4/24/20
1184CT70 bar setTBD4/10/20
1063Candy Gold Side cover selling as a kit with 1149 and 10623/5/20
1062 Candy Gold tankSelling as a kit with 1063 and 11493/5/20
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD2/19/20
1372KLX110 style Oil LineTBD2/13/20
0772Black KLX110 coversNew TBW1443 Same thing better price. 2/4/20
0771Red KLX110 Billet coversNew TBW1442 , same thing better price2/4/20
1363330mm DNM shock set, black.
For z50 and Monkey125
13292017+ KLX/z125 camTBD12/16/19
0648klx110 graphicsTBD12/9/19
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0895K3-78 Z50 barsTBD
1182Silver Temp Dipstick for 50/70sTBD