Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETADate last updated
***Please Note----->All of our part ETAs are much longer than normal at this time due to the Covid Pandemic. This makes it very difficult to keep all of our kits in stock and the ETAs correct as most kits have multiple parts in them.Please continue to check this list as we update it as often as we can.
9183Grom 186cc Bore kit With tbw10506/18/216/11/21
9182klx110 stroker crank7/15/216/11/21
9177Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9176Kit with 04736/30/216/11/21
9174Chrome Headlight bucket kit6/18/216/11/21
9174kit with TBW03926/18/216/11/21
9173kit with TBW03926/18/216/11/21
9172kit with TBW03926/18/216/11/21
9157kit with TBW08919/15/216/11/21
9153TB Grom Oil Cooler Kitin stock6/11/21
9152kit with TBW03926/18/216/11/21
9146Kit with TBW07216/18/216/11/21
9141kit with TBW08919/15/216/11/21
9139kit with TBW08919/15/216/11/21
9139kit with TBW08889/15/216/11/21
9138kit with TBW08919/15/216/11/21
9119Kit with TBW06229/15/216/11/21
9118Kit with TBW03197/15/216/11/21
9117Kit with TBW07216/18/216/11/21
9110Kit with TBW06229/15/216/11/21
9109Kit With TBW03197/15/216/11/21
9109Kit with TBW03197/15/216/11/21
9108Kit with TBW07216/18/216/11/21
9090kit with TBW0622
9089Kit with TBW07216/18/216/11/21
9042Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9041Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9040Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9036Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9031Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9029Kit with TBW12509/15/216/11/21
9019kit with TBW04736/30/216/11/21
9019Kit with TBW04736/30/216/11/21
9018kit with TBW04736/30/216/11/21
9018Kit with TBW04736/30/216/11/21
9017Kit with TBW04736/30/216/11/21
1466Honda 50 rear shock7/30/216/11/21
1442Red klx110 billet cover set8/15/216/11/21
1375650lb crf100 shock7/30/216/11/21
1372Oil Line9/15/216/11/21
1364Red 330mm DNM shock set9/15/216/11/21
1363Black DNM 330mm shocks9/15/216/11/21
1349Chrome CT70 wheels9/3/216/11/21
1332Red Grom Shifter6/18/216/11/21
red honda 50/70 dress up kit9/3/216/11/21
1326Black Honda 50/70 dress up kit9/15/216/11/21
1250Ceramic Cylinder, 64mm9/15/216/11/21
1243TB Performance Exhaust, Carbon Fiber9/3/216/11/21
1242Hard Tail Exhaust, stainless9/3/216/11/21
1217TB Rear Shock Set - Chrome - Z50 K3-99 Models7/15/216/11/21
1212CRF110 Black shifter6/18/216/11/21
1209Black +1 KLX110 shifter9/15/216/11/21
1207CT70 Wire harness9/15/216/11/21
1206KLX110 350LB DNM shock7/15/216/11/21
1205290mm 250lb shock7/15/216/11/21
1202KLX110 350LB DNM shock7/15/216/11/21
1201KLX110 250LB DNM shock7/15/216/11/21
1193CT70 front fender9/15/216/11/21
1165Lever Set – Black8/7/216/11/21
1148chrome 330mm shocks7/30/216/11/21
1147black 330 mm shocks7/30/216/11/21
1143CT70 wheel9/15/216/11/21
1135Blue Z50 fork9/15/216/11/21
1056z50 shifter7/15/216/11/21
1054KLX110 HD Fork Set9/3/216/11/21
1053z50 wheel9/3/216/11/21
1051Throttle6/18/21 (new pricing)6/11/21
1050Peformance Camshaft - Honda Grom/MSX1256/18/216/11/21
1035Clutch Plate Kit with HD Springs9/15/216/11/21
1026CRF110 shifter6/18/216/11/21
1022z50 valve kit9/15/216/11/21
1018Chrome Rim Set7/15/216/11/21
1017Black z50 wheel9/15/216/11/21
1016silver z50 rim9/3/216/11/21
0996kit with TBW03926/18/216/11/21
0995kit with TBw03106/18/216/11/21
0995kit with TBW03926/18/216/11/21
0968Kit With TBW03197/15/216/11/21
0968Kit with TBW03197/15/216/11/21
0967Kit With TBW03197/15/216/11/21
0966Kit With TBW03197/15/216/11/21
0916SL70 Rear Shock set7/15/216/11/21
089155mm 132cc cylinder, crf1109/15/216/11/21
0888TB Big valve kit9/15/216/11/21
Red z50 tank7/15/216/11/21
0839Z50 Forks7/30/216/11/21
0838Chrome Headlight bucket6/18/216/11/21
076157mm ring set9/15/216/11/21
072154mm cyliner6/18/216/11/21
0700klx110 stroker crank7/15/216/11/21
0693CT70 rim, 10x2.759/3/216/11/21
0690CT70 Exhaust9/3/216/11/21
0667Z50 Exhaust6/18/216/11/21
0583TB Performance Exhaust8/7/216/11/21
0559Gas Tank – White9/3/216/11/21
0473KLX110 V2 Cam 16/30/216/11/21
0461Black billet cover, KLX1109/3/21/216/11/21
0452z50 ignition switch9/15/216/11/21
0445Red tip +1'' KLX110 shifter9/15/216/11/21
0426+1 honda 50/70 shifter9/15/216/11/21
041432T cam sprocketin stock6/11/21
0412KLX110 oil filter10/1/216/11/21
CT70 Dimmer switch9/15/216/11/21
0343KLX110 Manual clutch kit8/15/216/11/21
0341magnetic drain bolt9/15/216/11/21
0340KLX110 CDI box8/7/216/11/21
0319Stroker crank7/15/216/11/21
0310blue headlight bucket6/18/216/11/21
0220CT70 guard9/15/216/11/21
0188SL70 Rear Shock7/15/216/11/21
0039Stator kit9/15/216/11/21
1139Red z50 ForkTBD6/11/21
1135Blue Z50 ForkTBD6/11/21
tbw1137Yellow Z50 forksTBD6/11/21
9183kit with TBW1041 and tbw10328/15/216/11/21
9154kit with TBW1041 and tbw10328/15/216/11/21
9150kit with TBW1041 and tbw10328/15/216/11/21
104164mm cylinder Grom/monkey1258/15/216/11/21
0689Black z50 seat9/15/216/11/21
1005Honda 50/70 kick start shaft9/15/216/11/21
9094Kit with TBW06229/15/216/11/21
9092Kit with TBW06229/15/216/11/21
1343Matt Black Z50 Pipe6/18/216/11/21
1341CT70 ignition switchin stock6/11/21
1197Black Chain guard9/15/216/11/21
1196z50 chain guard9/15/216/11/21
1157Z50 Break pedal9/15/216/11/21
11441096/1054 seal kit9/15/216/11/21
1086TB Stator Assembly9/15/216/11/21
0622Z50 Stroker Crankshaft9/15/216/11/21
1443Black KLX style head covers9/15/216/11/21
1333Black tip shifter7/15/216/1/21
127815T sprocket8/15/215/26/21
9191Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
9175Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
9077Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
9076Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
9024Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
0987Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
0986Kit with TBW03787/15/215/25/21
9188V2 honda oil cooler
(kit with TBW1477)
9187V2 honda oil cooler
(kit with TBW1477)
129737T Rear Sprocket8/15/215/19/21
0482vm26 rebuild kit8/15/215/19/21
1485Honda Monkey Rack8/15/215/18/21
143042 mm air filter7/15/215/18/21
1067Honda 50/70 stock length shifter7/15/215/18/21
1032Grom 186cc 64mm piston8/15/215/18/21
0851KLX110 rear brake shoe set7/15/215/18/21
1108z50 fork coversTBD5/17/21
0971HD AUTO CLUTCH7/15/215/17/21
0961HD auto clutch7/15/215/17/21
0819HD AUTO CLUTCH7/15/215/17/21
0295HD auto clutch7/15/215/17/21
1385+1" z50 swing arm8/15/215/13/21
0555CT70 exhaust8/15/215/13/21
1136Candy Orange Z50 ForkTBD5/12/21
1008roller rockers7/15/215/12/21
0825roller rocker kit7/15/215/12/21
9146Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
9096Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
9095Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
9094Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
9093Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
9092Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
9005Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
0968Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
0940Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
0939Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
0936Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
0934Kit with 0385TBD5/1/21
0385Race HeadTBD5/1/21
1244z50 Exhaust Matte Black9/15/214/27/21
1330Red Z50 shocks7/15/214/19/21
1218Black Z50 shocks7/15/214/19/21
1328Clutch Lever1TBD4/14/21
1323130L chainTBD4/14/21
131892L JT ChainTBD4/14/21
129036 rear sprocketTBD4/14/21
128937T rear sprocketTBD4/14/21
126814T sprocketTBD4/14/21
0560Chrome tankTBD4/14/21
1292JT Sprocket, Rear 46TTBD3/30/21
1276JT Sprocket, Front 13TTBD3/30/21
1134Candy Red Z50 Triple clampTBD3/29/21
116770cc cylinderDiscontinued3/24/21
1311JT Sprocket, Rear 38TTBD3/18/21
9135kit with TBW0804Discontinued2/23/21
0804piston for YX140Discontinued2/23/21
1149Candy Gold Z50 front forkDiscontinued12/4/20
1063Candy Gold Side coverDiscontinued12/1/20
1062 Candy Gold tankDiscontinued12/1/20
0332All kits with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
0784chain rollerTBD9/15/20
1181Black Oil Temp GaugeTBD8/26/20
0837VM28 needleTBD8/25/20
0267black 28mm air filterTBD8/5/20
1374CRF100 shock 550LBdiscontinued7/30/20
102026mm rotating intake spacerReplaced by TBW14877/30/20
052364mm KLX cylinderReplaced by TBW12506/30/20
1184CT70 bar setTBD4/10/20
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD2/19/20
0772Black KLX110 coversNew TBW1443 Same thing better price.2/4/20
0771Red KLX110 Billet coversNew TBW1442 , same thing better price2/4/20
13292017+ KLX/z125 camTBD12/16/19
0648klx110 graphicsTBD12/9/19
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD