Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETADate last updated
***Please Note----->All of our part ETAs are much longer than normal at this time due to the Covid Pandemic. This makes it very difficult to keep all of our kits in stock and the ETAs correct as most kits have multiple parts in them.Please continue to check this list as we update it as often as we can.
0451Z50K1 Igntion Switch03/4/221/18/22
1323JT Chain 420-130, Optional for various models under 130 link3/5/221/18/22
0445Billet Folding Tip Shifter, KLX110 05 to current4/1/221/18/22
0816Complete Gasket, O-Ring and Oil Seal Kit, 143cc (60mm) KLX1101/30/221/18/22
1442Billet Cover Set B, Red - All KLX110, Z125, YX150/160 Cylinder Heads4/1/221/18/22
1443Billet Cover Set B, Black - All KLX110, Z125, YX150/160 Cylinder Heads4/1/221/18/22
0291XR50 Oil Seal Kit4/1/221/13/22
0569RM85 Piston Kit - 02-164/1/221/13/22
9099Kit with 05694/1/221/13/22
0217Gasket Kit - CT70 K0-81, All ATC70, All SL/XL704/1/221/10/22
0433Intake Kit 26/26mmINSTOCK1/10/22
9027Kit with 0433INSTOCK1/10/22
9089Kit with 0318INSTOCK1/10/22
0147Battery connector1/14/221/7/22
0220CT70 guard4/1/221/7/22
0341magnetic drain bolt1/14/221/7/22
0378KLX 60mm Cylinder1/28/221/7/22
0412KLX110 oil filter3/1/221/7/22
0986Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
1016silver z50 rim1/28/221/7/22
1053z50 wheel1/28/221/7/22
1054KLX110 HD Fork Set4/1/221/7/22
1086TB Stator Assembly3/4/221/7/22
1088CRF110 Gasket and seal kit2/15/221/7/22
1165Lever Set, Black - MX Shorty Style 7/8th3/4/221/7/22
128315t JT Sproket3/1/221/7/22
1317JT 90L chain3/1/221/7/22
1328Clutch Lever13/1/221/7/22
1372Oil Line3/1/221/7/22
1375CRF100 rear shock1/28/221/7/22
1384Forged Aluminum Shifter, Polished - All Grom and Monkey 1251/14/221/7/22
1386JT Chain - Monkey3/1/221/7/22
138828T rear sprocket JT3/1/221/7/22
1456Yoshimura LOW VOLUME INSERT KIT RS-3 Muffler, Honda Monkey2/20/221/7/22
1510Throttle Cable, Extended - CRF110 19 & Up Models1/14/221/7/22
1513Throttle Cable, Extended - For KLX1103/1/221/7/22
1520Piston Kit, 55.5mm - TTR110 130cc Bore Kit1/12/221/7/22
9066kit with 0601INSTOCK1/7/22
9067kit with 0601INSTOCK1/7/22
9076Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
9077Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
9126kit with 0601INSTOCK1/7/22
9127kit with 0601INSTOCK1/7/22
9175Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
9198Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
9199Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
9202Kit with 03781/28/221/7/22
0967Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
0968Kit with TBW0156 and 03994/1/221/6/22
0976Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
0987Kit with 378
and 0399
0990Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
0991Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
0992Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9013Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9024Kit with 0378 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9061Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9062Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9094Kit with TBW0156 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9095Kit with TBW0156, and 03994/1/221/6/22
9115kit with TBW0156 and 0750 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9117Kit with 0750 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9118Kit with TBW0156 and tbw0750 and 0433 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9119Kit with TBW0156 andtbw0750 and 0433 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9120kit with TBW0156 and tbw0750 and 0433 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9128kit with 0601 and 0399 4/1/221/6/22
9129kit with 0601 and 03994/1/221/6/22
9139Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9140Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9141Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9146Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9149Kit with 03994/1/221/6/22
9191Kit with 0378 and 03994/1/221/6/22
1143CT70 Stock Reproduction Rim Set - 10x2.75 - All Models1/28/221/5/22
0697Z50 K1 Rear Fender, Aftermarket1/28/221/3/22
9195Kit with 07912/4/221/3/22
9196Kit with 07912/4/221/3/22
0283Gear Shifter, Folding - various models3/15/2212/30/21
1210Bille t Folding Tip shifter - Black - Most Honda 50 & 70 +11/15/2212/30/21
1305JT Sprocket, Rear 44T, CT70H 69-72, SL/XL70 All, XR75 73-783/1/2212/30/21
1026CRF110 Forged Aluminum Gear Shifter with folding tip4/15/2212/29/21
1316JT Chain 420-88L, KLX110 02, CT70 KO3/1/2212/29/21
1319JT Chain 420-100, XR75 73-78, Optional for various models under 100 link3/1/2212/29/21
0625XR/CRF100 CYLINDER 58MM4/1/2212/28/21
9087Kit with 06254/1/2212/28/21
1212CRF110 Black shifter4/15/2212/22/21
1063Z50K3-78 Side Cover, Candy Gold3/15/2212/21/21
1272JT Sprocket, Front 13T, 2/15/2212/21/21
1351Billet Cover Set B, Black - TB Honda Style V2 Head3/15/2212/21/21
1294JT Sprocket, Rear 50T, TRX90 Fourtrax 93-152/15/2212/20/21
1511Brake Lever, Black - MX Shorty Style - For 7/8th Bars3/15/2212/20/21
0791Brake Cable, Extended - All KLX110, CRF110, and XR/CRF702/4/2212/17/21
0157CT70K0 Wire Harness3/15/2212/14/21
0561Z50R Seat3/15/2212/14/21
0749Billet Folding Tip Shifter, KLX110 05 & up - Red, Stock length3/15/2212/14/21
0953Kit with 02491/15/2212/14/21
0954Kit with 02491/15/2212/14/21
0719NGK Spark Plug, C6HSA 12/1/202212/13/21
0720c7hsa spark plug12/1/2212/13/21
0730cr6hsa spark plug12/1/2212/13/21
1324JT Chain 428-100, TRX90 X 13-153/15/2212/13/21
1530Throttle Tube, Aluminum - CRF110 and CRF125 2019 & Up3/15/2212/9/21
9193Kit with 15303/15/2212/09/21
9194Kit with 15303/15/2212/09/21
0750V2 Head for Honda 50-90cc OHC Engines3/15/2212/8/21
9102Kit with tbw07503/15/2212/8/21
9103Kit with tbw07503/15/2212/8/21
9104Kit with tbw07503/15/2212/8/21
9105Kit With TBW0156 and 07503/15/2212/8/21
9108Kit with tbw07503/15/2212/8/21
9109Kit With TBW0156 and 07503/15/2212/8/21
9110Kit with TBW0156 and 07503/15/2212/8/21
9111Kit With TBW0156 and 07503/15/2212/8/21
1035Clutch Plate Kit with HD Springs3/25/2212/7/21
0874Petcock, Replacement for Aftermarket 79-87 Tanks M16 x 1.5mm02/28/2212/3/21
1466Rear Shock - XR/CRF50 & XR/CRF70 270mm - 3/1/202212/3/21
9197TTR110 130cc Bore kit Kit w/ 152002/1/2212/3/21
9203TTR110 130cc Bore kit2/1/2212/3/21
1279JT Sprocket, Front 16T, Optional CRF110, ATC70 76-81, CT7069-94, XR70 97-992/1/2211/30/21
9093Kit with 1561/30/2211/30/21
1343Performance Exhaust, Matte Black - Z50 K3-992/15/2211/29/21
1206Rear Shock, DNM - CRF110 & KLX110L 10 & Up - 290mm/350lb Adult '13-'182/25/2211/19/21
1056Gear Shifter, All Z501/30/2211/18/21
015652mm 88cc Honda 50/70 Cylinder1/28/2211/16/21
0176Rectifier - Z50K1, CT70 K0-K2, SL70 K0-K11/15/2211/16/21
0452z50 ignition switch1/28/2211/16/21
0731White z50 tank1/28/2211/16/21
0825roller rocker kit1/28/2211/16/21
0895Z50 handle bars3/31/2211/16/21
0925Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0928Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0929Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0930Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0931Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0932Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0933Kit With TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0936Kit with TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0939Kit with TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
0940Kit with 0385 and TBW01561/28/2211/16/21
1196z50 chain guard 1/28/2211/16/21
1333Black Tip, Grom shifter1/14/2211/16/21
1363Black DNM 330mm shocks1/28/2211/16/21
1364Red 330mm DNM shock set1/28/2211/16/21
9092Kit with TBW0156 1/28/2211/16/21
1288JT Sprocket, Rear 50T, XR/CRF100 85-131/30/2211/15/21
0667Z50 Carbon Fiber Exhaust2/25/2211/10/21
0874Petcock, Replacement for Aftermarket 79-87 Tanks M16 x 1.5mm1/15/2211/2/21
1369Morin Oil Cooler - Grom1/15/2211/2/21
1368Oil Cooler, Morin Racing1/15/2210/29/21
9153Kit with 13681/15/2210/29/21
9154Kit with 13681/15/2210/29/21
9183Kit with 13681/15/2210/29/21
9187Kit with 13681/15/2210/29/21
9188Kit with 13681/15/2210/29/21
9200Kit with 1165 and 07912/4/2210/28/21
9201Kit with 1165 and 07912/4/2210/28/21
0732Z50R 88-99 Reproduction Gas Tank, Red1/15/2210/25/21
1184CT70 bar set04/15/202210/25/21
1307JT Sprocket, Rear 32T, Optional KLX110 02, KLX110 03-09, KLX110L 10-17, Z1251/15/2210/21/21
1332Forged Aluminum Shifter, Red - All Grom1/15/2210/21/21
1207CT70 Wire harness1/15/2210/18/21
0599ZS Race Head Valve Kit1/15/2210/15/21
1205Rear Shock, DNM - CRF110 & KLX110L 10 & Up - 290mm/250lb Light Adult '13-'181/15/2210/12/21
1485Luggage Rack - All Monkey 1251/15/2210/7/21
1180Seat - Z50 K3-78 and some export Z50J models1/15/2210/5/21
1199Lever, Left with Pivot Screw - Z50 K0-K2, QA50 K0-K3, MR50 All, CT70 K0-K31/15/2210/5/21
9181Kit with 11991/15/2210/5/21
1129KLX110 stock carb filterDiscontinued/ Replaced by TBW15299/29/21
0691Z50 8 3.50 Aluminum Rim Set - KO-79 models"1/15/229/21/21
1155Cylinder, 47mm - All ACT70, TRX70, CT70, XR/CRF701/15/229/21/21
1135Blue Z50 forkDiscontinued9/9/21
1345Triple Clamp, Z50 DiscontinedDiscontinued8/24/21
1108z50 fork coversTBD5/17/21
0560Chrome tankTBD4/14/21
031854mm Head Gasket KitINSTOCK1/10/21
9069kit with 0601 and 03994/1/221/6/21
9070kit with 0601 and 03994/1/221/6/21
0784chain rollerTBD9/15/20
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0648klx110 graphicsTBD
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD
1181Black Oil Temp GaugeTBD
13292017+ KLX/z125 camTBD