Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETADate last updated
9075Z50 triple clmap kit11/30/2010/20/20
9151Z50 triple clmap kit with fork legs11/30/2010/20/20
1023CT70 Valve kitTBD10/20/20
0747Z50 header pipeTBD10/20/20
9136Z50 Header kitTBD10/20/20
0445Shift Lever (Extended)- KLX110 05 and Up Models11/10/2010/19/20
089767mm Cylinderin stock10/19/20
9144Kit with TBW0897in stock 10/19/20
9145Kit with TBW0897in stock 10/19/20
1035KLX110 and Z125 HD Clutch plate kit11/10/2010/17/20
0671black dipstick. Honda 50/70s11/10/2010/17/20
1375CFR100 rear shock11/15/2010/16/20
0670Red dipstickin stock 10/14/20
059064mm KLX style piston12/1/2010/14/20
9029Kit With TBW059012/1/2010/14/20
9036Kit With TBW059012/1/2010/14/20
9177Kit With TBW059012/1/2010/14/20
9042Kit With TBW059012/1/2010/14/20
9041Kit With TBW059012/1/2010/14/20
1355Pilot jet kit11/5/2010/14/20
1234Yellow number plate11/15/2010/14/20
11441096/1054 seal kit1/1/2110/14/20
1201270mm 250lb KLX rear DNM shock11/1/2010/13/20
1194Rear CT70 fender11/1/2010/13/20
1193Front fender11/1/2010/13/20
1202Rear Shock11/1/2010/13/20
0514KLX110 Breather11/1/2010/13/20
1206290mm 350lb DNMshock11/1/2010/13/20
1107honda 50 carbTBD10/13/20
9156kit with TBW1107TBD10/13/20
9155kit with TBW1107TBD10/13/20
0343KLX110 Manual Clutch kit11/15/2010/12/20
1364330mm DNM shock set, red.
For z50 and Monkey125
1268JT Sprocket, Front 14Tin stock 10/12/20
856Piston Ring setin stock 10/12/20
1026CRF110 shifterTBD10/12/20
1112z50, rear white fender11/15/2010/5/20
9168kit with tbw111211/15/2010/5/20
0667Z50 exhaust, Carbon Fiber can12/15/2010/5/20
9017KLX and Z125 V2 head1/1/2110/5/20
9018Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9019Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9028Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9029Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9024Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9034Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9040Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9175Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9176Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9177Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9178Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9191Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/5/20
9181Lever SetTBD10/2/20
1198lever, rightTBD10/2/20
1199lever, leftTBD10/2/20
1147330mm Rear Shock Set11/1/2010/1/20
1363330mm DNM shock set, black.
For z50 and Monkey125
0690CT70 Exhaust 12/1/2010/1/20
9175Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/1/20
9191Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/1/20
9024Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/1/20
9019Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/1/20
9028Kit with TBW90171/1/2110/1/20
9155z50 Carb Kitin stock 10/1/20
0691S50 Wheel12/1/209/29/20
1212CRF110 Black shifterTBD9/28/20
073188-99 z50 white tank11/1/209/24/20
0583Z50 exhaust11/1/209/22/20
0784chain rollerTBD9/15/20
1328Clutch Lever1TBD9/15/20
127112t sprocketTBD9/15/20
1054KLX110 HD Fork SetTBD9/15/20
1197Black Chain guardTBD9/15/20
06168"x2.75" z50 alum wheelsTBD9/15/20
0560Chrome tank12/1/209/9/20
1037CT70 Carb11/1/209/8/20
9147CT70 Carb kit11/1/209/8/20
1209KLX110 shifter11/1/209/8/20
131586L JT chain11/1/209/8/20
131892L JT Chain11/1/209/8/20
130443T Sprocket11/1/209/8/20
0840Candy Red Tanks11/1/209/8/20
1291JT Rear Sprocket11/1/209/7/20
1309JT Rear Sprocket11/1/209/4/20
1270JT SprocketTBD9/03/20
1343Exhaust Matte black Z50TBD9/2/20
1297JT Sprocket 37t rearTBD9/2/20
1181Black Oil Temp Gauge12/1/208/26/20
565Top end gasket kit12/1/208/25/20
0805Chrome Z50 rim set12/1/208/25/20
840Candy red gas tank12/1/208/25/20
9099RM85 top end kit12/1/208/25/20
126713T klx sprocket12/2/208/25/20
0837VM28 needleTBD8/25/20
1168Break stop switchin stock8/13/20
0745Lower exhaust coverTBD8/11/20
0746Upper exhaust coverTBD8/11/20
0267black 28mm air filterTBD8/5/20
1196z50 chain guard 12/1/207/30/20
0412KLX110 oil filter12/1/207/30/20
1374CRF100 shock 550LB12/1/207/30/20
102026mm rotating intake spacerReplaced by TBW14877/30/20
1242Hard Tail Exhaust, stainlessTBD7/8/20
052364mm KLX cylinderReplaced by TBW12506/30/20
1204KLX110 Rear shockDiscontinued6/16/20
1071CT70 Carb rebuild kit12/31/206/9/20
1184CT70 bar setTBD4/10/20
1062 Candy Gold tankSelling as a kit with 1063 and 11493/5/20
1063Candy Gold Side cover selling as a kit with 1149 and 10623/5/20
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD2/19/20
0771Red KLX110 Billet coversNew TBW1442 , same thing better price2/4/20
0772Black KLX110 coversNew TBW1443 Same thing better price. 2/4/20
13292017+ KLX/z125 camTBD12/16/19
0648klx110 graphicsTBD12/9/19
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0895K3-78 Z50 barsTBD
1182Silver Temp Dipstick for 50/70sTBD