Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETADate last updated
027321mm honda intake5/15/214/16/21
037760mm piston4/30/214/16/21
1332Red Grom Shifter6/15/214/16/21
0324kick starter4/16/214/14/21
0432Intake boot4/16/214/14/21
0362KLX110 manifold for V2 head and VM264/16/214/14/21
0991kit with TBW03624/16/214/14/21
9093kit with TBW01564/23/214/14/21
9105kit with tbw01564/23/214/14/21
9111kit with tbw01564/23/214/14/21
0285lever set 4/23/214/14/21
0452z50 ignition switch4/23/214/14/21
0451z50 ignition switch4/23/214/14/21
1125Cam Chain5/15/214/14/21
0697Rear Z50 fender5/15/214/14/21
0157wire harness5/15/214/14/21
1380billet cover5/15/214/14/21
1381billet cover5/15/214/14/21
1474klx110 +1 break pedal5/15/214/14/21
1323130L chain5/15/214/14/21
128937T rear sprocket5/15/214/14/21
129036 rear sprocket5/15/214/14/21
126814T sprocket5/15/214/14/21
131892L JT Chain5/15/214/14/21
1008roller rockers5/15/214/14/21
0825roller rocker kit5/15/214/14/21
1349Chrome CT70 wheels6/15/214/14/21
0039Stator kit6/15/214/14/21
1018Chrome Rim Set6/15/214/14/21
0693CT70 rim, 10x2.756/15/214/14/21
1016silver z50 rim6/15/214/14/21
1466Honda 50 rear shock6/15/214/14/21
072154mm cyliner6/15/214/14/21
0839Z50 Forks6/15/214/14/21
0319Stroker crank6/15/214/14/21
0966Kit With TBW03196/15/214/14/21
9109Kit With TBW03196/15/214/14/21
9118Kit With TBW03196/15/214/14/21
1053z50 wheel6/15/214/14/21
1212CRF110 Black shifter6/15/214/14/21
1056z50 shifter6/15/214/14/21
1242Hard Tail Exhaust, stainless6/15/214/14/21
1165Lever Set – Black6/15/214/14/21
1196z50 chain guard 7/15/214/14/21
1197Black Chain guard7/15/214/14/21
9188V2 oil cooler kitin stock4/14/21
9187V2 oil cooler kitin stock 4/14/21
9151z50 Fork Kitin stock4/14/21
1105KLX110 Fork sealsin stock 4/14/21
9018kit with TBW04735/15/214/14/21
9019kit with TBW04735/15/214/14/21
0838Chrome Headlight bucket6/15/214/14/21
9174Chrome Headlight bucket kit6/15/214/14/21
1343Matt Black Z50 Pipe7/15/214/14/21
0968Kit with TBW03196/15/214/14/21
9092Kit with TBW06227/15/214/14/21
9094Kit with TBW06227/15/214/14/21
9109Kit with TBW03196/15/214/14/21
9110Kit with TBW06227/15/214/14/21
9118Kit with TBW03196/15/214/14/21
9119Kit with TBW06227/15/214/14/21
9090kit with TBW06227/15/214/14/21
1157Z50 Break pedal 7/15/214/14/21
0622Z50 Stroker Crankshaft7/1/214/14/21
9108Kit with TBW07216/15/214/14/21
9117Kit with TBW07216/15/214/14/21
9146Kit with TBW07216/15/214/14/21
1023CT70 Valve kit5/15/214/14/21
1328Clutch Lever1TBD4/14/21
1253TB Swingarm, Plus 3″5/15/214/14/21
1243TB Performance Exhaust, Carbon Fiber6/15/214/14/21
0559Gas Tank – White 6/15/214/14/21
0232Allen Head Bolt Kit4/23/214/14/21
0967Kit With TBW03196/15/214/14/21
0968Kit With TBW03196/15/214/14/21
1054KLX110 HD Fork Set6/15/214/14/21
0560Chrome tankTBD4/14/21
1086TB Stator Assembly7/15/214/14/21
0700klx110 stroker crank6/15/214/14/21
9182klx110 stroker crank6/15/214/14/21
0583TB Performance Exhaust 6/15/214/14/21
11441096/1054 seal kit7/15/214/14/21
1026CRF110 shifter6/15/214/14/21
1010z50 cam chain4/23/214/14/21
0670Red Dipstick4/16/214/14/21
0412KLX110 oil filter6/15/214/14/21
0690CT70 Exhaust 6/15/214/14/21
1341CT70 ignition switch7/15/214/14/21
0188SL70 Rear Shock6/15/214/14/21
0916SL70 Rear Shock set6/15/214/14/21
9183Kit with tbw91536/15/214/14/21
9153TB Grom Oil Cooler Kit6/15/214/14/21
0159ct70 wire harness5/15/214/14/21
1119CRF/XR 100 clutch gasket4/16/214/14/21
0461Black billet cover, KLX1106/15/214/14/21
1147black 330 mm shocks6/15/214/14/21
1375650lb crf100 shock6/15/214/14/21
0343KLX110 Manual clutch kit6/15/214/14/21
red honda 50/70 dress up kit6/15/214/14/21
1148chrome 330mm shocks6/15/214/14/21
1123Black 1/4 turn throttle5/15/214/13/21
0818KLX110 Stock bore top end gasket set4/16/214/12/21
0133Dual feed petcock4/23/214/12/21
129737T Rear Sprocket5/15/214/12/21
1143CT70 wheel6/15/214/12/21
1201KLX110 250LB DNM shock6/15/214/12/21
1202KLX110 350LB DNM shock6/15/214/12/21
1206KLX110 350LB DNM shock6/15/214/12/21
0340KLX110 CDI box6/15/214/12/21
1443Black KLX style head covers6/15/214/9/21
1022z50 valve kit6/15/214/8/21
9026kit with TBW03624/23/214/5/21
9029kit with TBW03624/23/214/5/21
9031kit with TBW03624/23/214/5/21
1209Black +1 KLX110 shifter6/15/214/5/21
0295HD auto clutch6/15/214/1/21
0961HD auto clutch6/15/214/1/21
0971HD AUTO CLUTCH6/15/214/1/21
0819HD AUTO CLUTCH6/15/214/1/21
1292JT Sprocket, Rear 46TTBD3/30/21
1276JT Sprocket, Front 13TTBD3/30/21
9095kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9120kit with tbw03994/23/213/29/21
9115kit with tbw03994/23/213/29/21
0990kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
0991kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
0992kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9013kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9061kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9062kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9069kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9070kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9118kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9119kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9128kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9129kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9139kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9140kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
9149kit with TBW03994/23/213/29/21
047742mm pancake filter5/15/213/29/21
9089Kit with TBW07216/15/213/29/21
9096Kit with TBW07216/15/213/29/21
0986Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
0987Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
9024Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
9191Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
9076Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
9077Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
9175Kit with TBW03786/15/213/29/21
1134Candy Red Z50 Triple clamp7/1/213/29/21
0806TB Z50 Gas Cap 5/15/213/26/21
1310KLX110 rear sprocket5/15/213/24/21
0473KLX110 V2 Cam 15/15/213/24/21
9017Kit with TBW04735/15/213/24/21
9018Kit with TBW04735/15/213/24/21
9019Kit with TBW04735/15/213/24/21
0667Z50 Exhaust5/15/213/24/21
0696Front Z50 Fender5/15/213/24/21
116770cc cylinderDiscontinued3/24/21
1311JT Sprocket, Rear 38TTBD3/18/21
0341magnetic drain bolt5/15/213/17/21
9175kit with TBW12245/15/213/17/21
9176Kit with TBW12245/15/213/17/21
9177Kit with TBW12245/15/213/17/21
9178Kit with TBW12245/15/213/17/21
1224Intake manifold for Z125s5/15/213/17/21
0882Red Z50 Side cover5/15/213/15/21
0482vm26 rebuild kit5/15/213/8/21
015652mm/88cc cylinder4/30/213/2/21
0925kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
0928kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
929kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
930kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
931kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
932kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
933kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
936kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
939kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
939kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
940kit with TBW01564/30/213/2/21
1136Candy Orange Z50 Fork5/15/212/24/21
Red z50 tank5/15/212/23/21
1135Blue Z50 fork6/15/212/23/21
9135kit with TBW0804Discontinued2/23/21
0804piston for YX140Discontinued2/23/21
1149Candy Gold Z50 front forkDiscontinued12/4/20
1063Candy Gold Side cover Discontinued12/1/20
1062 Candy Gold tankDiscontinued12/1/20
0332All kits with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
0784chain rollerTBD9/15/20
1181Black Oil Temp GaugeTBD8/26/20
0837VM28 needleTBD8/25/20
0267black 28mm air filterTBD8/5/20
1374CRF100 shock 550LBdiscontinued7/30/20
102026mm rotating intake spacerReplaced by TBW14877/30/20
052364mm KLX cylinderReplaced by TBW12506/30/20
1184CT70 bar setTBD4/10/20
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD2/19/20
0771Red KLX110 Billet coversNew TBW1442 , same thing better price2/4/20
0772Black KLX110 coversNew TBW1443 Same thing better price. 2/4/20
13292017+ KLX/z125 camTBD12/16/19
0648klx110 graphicsTBD12/9/19
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0895K3-78 Z50 barsTBD
1182Silver Temp Dipstick for 50/70sTBD