Part Number TBW...Short DescriptionETADate last updated
***Please Note----->All of our part ETAs are much longer than normal at this time due to the supply chain. This makes it very difficult to keep all of our kits in stock and the ETAs correct as most kits have multiple parts in them.Please continue to check this list as we update it as often as we can.
0156Z50 XR50 CT70 52MM 88CC CYLINDERINSTOCK9/21/22
0157CT70K0 Wire HarnessINSTOCK9/21/22
027320mm Carb Intake Kit for Race or Ported HeadINSTOCK9/21/22
0283Gear Shifter, Folding - various modelsINSTOCK9/21/22
0285Lever Set, MX Shorty Style - 7/8thINSTOCK9/21/22
0295Heavy Duty Clutch Assembly - 17/69 Primary Gear TypeINSTOCK9/21/22
0341Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt, 17mm headINSTOCK9/21/22
0393Z50 K1-2 Dimmer SwitchINSTOCK9/21/22
0394Dimmer Switch - CT70 K0-K1INSTOCK9/21/22
0445Billet Folding Tip Shifter, KLX110 05 to currentINSTOCK9/21/22
0645Cam Sprocket, KLX110 2010INSTOCK9/21/22
0667Z50 K3 through 1999 Performance Exhaust - Type 4 Carbon FiberINSTOCK9/21/22
0819Heavy Duty Clutch Assembly - 18/67 Primary Gear TypeINSTOCK9/21/22
845Gas Tank, Z50 K3-78, Red9/21/22
0925Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
0928Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
0929Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
0930Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
0931Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0932Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
0933Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0934Kit with 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0936Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0939Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0940Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0955Kit with 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0957Kit with 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0961Clutch kit with TBW0295INSTOCK9/21/22
0962Kit with 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
0968Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
0971Clutch Kit with 0819INSTOCK9/21/22
1043Tappet Adjustment Wrench Kit - For all TBparts cylinder headsINSTOCK9/21/22
1198Lever, Right with Pivot Screw - Z50 K0-78, QA50 K0-K3, MR50 All, CT70 K0-K3INSTOCK9/21/22
1268JT Sprocket, Front 14T, KLX110 02-09, Z125, Optional KLX110L 10-17, Grom, Monkey 1259/21/22
1333Forged Aluminum Shifter, Black - All GromINSTOCK9/21/22
1384Forged Aluminum Shifter, Polished - All Grom and Monkey 125INSTOCK9/21/22
1430Foam Air Filter, 42mm Large Style - KLX type for VM26 and othersINSTOCK9/21/22
1432Billet Folding Tip Shifter - Green - KLX110 05 to current +1INSTOCK9/21/22
9092Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
9093Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
9094Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9095Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9105Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9109Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9110Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9111Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9115Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9118Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9119Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9120Kit with 0156INSTOCK9/21/22
9161Kit with 0156 and 0273INSTOCK9/21/22
9175Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9176Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9177Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9178Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9181Kit with 1198INSTOCK9/21/22
9182Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9191Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9199Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9209Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9210Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9212Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9213Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9215Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9216Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
9220Kit with 0645INSTOCK9/21/22
0324Kickstarter, Chrome - All Z50 XR50 CRF50 XR70INSTOCK9/21/22
0482VM26 - 606 Rebuild Kit9/20/22
0691Z50 8 3.50 Aluminum Rim Set - KO-79 models"9/19/22
1108z50 fork coversINSTOCK9/15/22
0561Z50R SeatINSTOCK9/14/22
1378Carburetor, OEM - KLX110INSTOCK9/14/22
1189Grip Set - Green9/13/22
13292017+ KLX/z125 camTBD9/13/22
1236Kickstand with Spring - CT70 K0-K39/6/22
0696Z50 K1 Front Fender, Aftermarket9/30/228/31/22
1026CRF110 Forged Aluminum Gear Shifter with folding tip11/30/228/31/22
1212CRF110 Forged Aluminum Gear Shifter with folding tip - Black11/30/228/31/22
1517Shift Shaft - KLX110 05 & Up (non L models)8/30/22
0412KLX110 oil filter11/30/228/29/22
0426Billet Folding Tip shifter- various models11/30/228/29/22
1050Peformance Camshaft - Honda Grom/MSX12511/30/228/29/22
1123Billet 1/4 Turn Throttle, Black11/30/228/29/22
1210Billet Folding Tip shifter - Black - Most Honda 50 & 70 +111/30/228/29/22
1495Outerwears Pre-filter - Red - For TBW0477 & 0491 Air Filters8/29/22
1572Luggage Rack, Chrome - All Monkey 12511/30/228/29/22
0697Z50 K1 Rear Fender, Aftermarket9/30/228/23/22
0275Carburetor Rebuild Kit - 20mm Carb8/18/22
0693CT70 10x2.75 Aluminum Rim Set - All CT708/15/22
1324JT Chain 428-100, TRX90 X 13-158/15/22
1469Oil Spinner, Billet Aluminum - Grom and Monkey 1258/15/22
1297JT Sprocket, Rear 37T, Optional Grom, Monkey 1258/3/22
1438Forged Aluminum Shifter, Green7/28/22
1508Yoshimura - KLX140/L/G 2011-22 Enduro RS-9 FS SS-AL-CF Works Finish7/18/22
0716Z50 76-78 PA Carb Top Set7/14/22
9155kit with 07167/14/22
9183kit with 1368 and 105010/1/227/11/22
1304JT Sprocket, Rear 43T, Optional CT70H 69-72, SL/XL70 All, XR75 73-787/7/22
0841Gas Tank, Z50 K3-78, Candy Blue9/30/227/6/22
0873Gas Cap, Replacement for Aftermarket K3-78 Tanks and OEM K0-879/30/227/6/22
1209Billet Folding Tip Shifter - Black- KLX110 05 to current +17/5/22
1303JT Sprocket, Rear 37T, Optional ATC70 76-81, CT70 69-94, ATC70 82-85, TRX70 86-877/5/22
9171Kit with 11237/1/22
1054KLX110 HD Fork Set6/29/22
1080Z50R 79-99 Aftermarket Fork Set6/23/22
1504Billet Folding Tip Shifter, KLX110 05 & up - Green, Stock length6/23/22
1368Oil Cooler, Morin Racing6/17/22
9153kit with 136810/1/226/17/22
9154Kit with 136810/1/226/17/22
9187kit with 1368 and 085410/1/226/17/22
9188kit with 136810/1/226/17/22
1372Oil Line, Cylinder Head, Morin Racing - Z125, KLX1106/13/22
1042Grom - Big Valve kit (27/21.5mm)6/9/22
1262Kill Switch Wiring Harness - Z50K3-7810/1/226/9/22
1440Forged Aluminum Shifter, Red - All Z125 +1, KLX110 05 & Up -1 inch6/9/22
0361Billet Clutch Housing for Manual Clutch5/31/22
1332Forged Aluminum Shifter, Red - All Grom5/11/22
0854Billet Oil Tap Cover for the V2 Honda Style Head, Red5/10/22
1291JT Sprocket, Rear 38T, CRF110 All, Optional XR/CRF70 97-12, XR/CRF80 85-135/10/22
1031Z50R 79-87 Stator Assembly4/28/22
1530Throttle Tube, Aluminum - CRF110 and CRF125 2019 & Up4/28/22
9193Kit with 15304/28/22
9194Kit with 15304/28/22
1524Chubby Full Exhaust System - KLX110 10 & Up Models3/31/22
0717Honda 50 Gasket Kit A&B with Oil Seal Kit - 1988 and up.3/22/22
0895Z50 handle bars3/21/22
0602Mikuni VM20-273 Round Slide3/15/22
1063Z50K3-78 Side Cover, Candy Gold3/2/22
1086TB Stator Assembly3/2/22
1351Billet Cover Set B, Black - TB Honda Style V2 Head3/2/22
0733Z50R 88-99 Reproduction Gas Tank, Black3/1/22
1024KLX110 Sight Glass - 3/1/22
1096Fork Leg Set, Z50 for TBW9075 Triple ClampsTBD3/1/22
9151Fork KitTBD3/1/22
1184CT70 bar set2/15/22
1141Billet Cam Cover Set, Black, ZS TBW0598 Cylinder HeadTBD1/7/22
0719NGK Spark Plug, C6HSA TBD12/13/21
0720c7hsa spark plugTBD12/13/21
0730cr6hsa spark plugTBD12/13/21
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0648klx110 graphicsTBD
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD
1181Black Oil Temp GaugeTBD
1181Black Oil Temp GaugeTBD
0799Stator Assembly for CT70H KO & K1, and SL/XL70 with Hitachi Magneto9/23/22