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Motoped have a very niche product. Their bikes combine the power of motorcycles with the versatility of a downhill mountain bike.

To date, the Motoped team have released 6 models:

  • The Motoped Bike Collection
  • Motopeds Survival Bike
  • The Survival Black ops Bike Special Edition
  • The Cruzer
  • Sport Cruzer Special Edition
  • The Pro
  • The Cafe FT
Motoped Specs and Mods

The Motoped survival bike is the most niche product as it's designed for survivalists and it's also the most customizable as you can get racks fitted to it to turn it into an all-terrain hunting motorbike or whatever you want it to be.

Each model is available with as ready to ride which will have either a 150cc or 49cc Motoped engine or you can opt for no engine so you can use any that's suited to what you need.

With any Motoped, you can use a two or four-stage automatic engine. On the ready to ride bikes, you can expect to get a tough swing arm, rear suspension, chrome tube frame, Hayes 9 rear disc brakes, electric start system, and front suspension. The wheels and rim size are 26" on the front and 24" rear rim with a thicker wall to accommodate for more heavy-duty tires for motorcycles.

On the 49cc ready to ride model, the max torque is 1.70 ft-lbs at 5,500 RPM. If you want to go for max horsepower, fit it up with a more powerful motor. Naturally, the lighter the motor, and parts, the lower the unit weight will be. The ready assembled Motopeds weigh just 123 pounds, with a wet weight of 132 pounds.

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